Welcome to My Pilates Studio!

Wherever you are in your life journey, I will meet your body where it is today to give you the safest, highest-quality workout.

-Jeri Ann Alexander (Owner/Pilates Instructor)





    Client Testimonials

Karen J:  I have worked with Jeri Ann as a private session client for over two years. She is very professional and has helped me with some of my ailments including a fractured fibula, osteopenia (with her training this has been somewhat reversed), and a total hip replacement. Right up until my surgery she worked consistently with me to strengthen the muscles involved in the procedure. As a result my post surgical recovery and rehabilitation time was much shorter than anticipated and with minimal pain. She’s always willing to work in unison with any doctor or chiropractor’s suggestions or treatment plans. Her knowledge and experience are great assets to the way she trains with her clients. I’m happy to say that I am now back up and at it with her in her new studio. Thank you, Jeri Ann!


Min K:  Jeri Ann is a wonderful, encouraging instructor. I came into pilates 2 years ago having no idea about my tight shoulders, hip flexors, and SI joint misalaignment, but Jeri Ann helped me recognize and correct my spinal and pelvic alignment. She is so knowledgeable and modifies different exercises as my body conditioning improves. With the help of Jeri Ann, I have developed a stronger core and greater awareness of my body posture. Thanks Jeri Ann!


Jeanine M: Best Pilates studio in Northwest Arkansas!! Jeri Ann knows her stuff and uses all the training she has received to help you get the results you are seeking. She has been very attuned to my injuries so that I can get the most out of my workout without hurting myself. She’s very sensitive to what I should and should not do. She also makes everyone feel comfortable and is the best at explaining the exercises.