Meet the Owner

                       “Change happens through movement                               and movement heals.” -Joseph Pilates

**Expert Pilates training received by a Physical Therapist allows the owner to specialize in prevention/rehabilitation
of injury and muscle imbalance.**

Jeri Ann Alexander

Owner/Pilates Instructor



     Jeri Ann has completed all 500 hours of the Balanced Body program with internationally recognized Pilates Master Trainer/ Physical Therapist Karen Sanzo and Master Trainer Shelley Estes at Pilates Unlimited in Dallas, Texas. She is trained to teach all levels of Pilates Mat, Reformer and Apparatus. In addition she also attended a continuing education course called Pilates for Neurological Disorders which enables her to use her Pilates practice to help symptoms of a wide range of neurological disorders such as Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s Disease, and stroke. Because education is important to her, she is committed to the continuous journey of learning. It’s because of her commitment to this never-ending process that she has a strong understanding of Pilates fundamentals, which enables her to work with all bodies and capabilities.

     Growing up as a classical flutist, Jeri Ann suffered from minor spinal misalignment and muscle imbalances caused by years of rigorous practice. After changing careers from classical music to fitness, she found that Pilates was the only form of exercise that changed the shape of her spine. Using Pilates as a continuous practice along with the help of other therapists allows her to restore range of motion and find better balance in muscle development.

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