“Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness.”

Joseph Pilates


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StraightUp Pilates is a small studio focused entirely on professional Pilates training. Education is important in keeping you safe and giving you the most efficient workout possible. Each workout is personalized  to meet your body where it is today. Private Sessions are completely personal and suited to your body’s specific needs.  It is recommended that anyone seeking help in specific muscle imbalances start with Private Sessions in order to obtain the full benefits that Pilates offers. In a one-on-one setting, you will receive thorough and undivided attention in order to get the absolute most out of your workout.

Pilates is an exercise system that helps you find stability during movement. The benefits include balanced muscle development, efficient body movement, increased flexibility, and improved balance. Pilates also promotes core strength by correcting body alignment. Incorporating a strong understanding of Pilates fundamentals gives the exercises nuances that give you deeper connections in your body. Deeper connections give you more body awareness that you can bring into your day-to-day life, making all of your movement more balanced. The best way to experience Pilates is to try it! New client specials are offered to give you a great deal on your first session.

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Joseph Pilates created his method in the early 20th century originally naming it Contrology. Because Joe had his own ailments from an early age, he studied many forms of exercise to build his own optimal health. It’s through his own study that he developed a system of exercises that would later help injured veterans in World War I. He used his creativity to invent the equipment we use today by attaching bed springs to the headboards of the injured vets, giving them a spring resistance while performing exercises. After moving to America in 1926, he worked with the New York City Ballet Company. While living in New York, Contrology became more popular. He had several apprentices who learned his work and would carry on his original method. After his death in 1967, the name switched from Contrology to Pilates in memory of Joseph Pilates himself.

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Principles of Pilates